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From design, to build, to integration on a wide range of ad networks, we’ve helped our clients to achieve some amazing results in the past, and we’d love to help you achieve the same. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you take your next ad campaign from humdrum to rocket fuelled.

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Branded Advertising

The Web is awash with advertising, and the biggest brands need a way to stand out from the crowd. The solution? Rich interactive advertising, replete with spectacular photography, videos and music. Yahoo trust us to design, create and localise ads in a huge range of formats for some of the biggest brands around, but our favourite format has to be the ‘homepage takeover’, not least because of the fun that we have designing and building them! Employing a large background image combined with other ad positions on the page, and typically a user triggered overlay featuring interactive content and media including photos, videos and music, we’ve had the pleasure of crafting ads for SAW VII, the Hunger Games and Swatch, to name just a few.

Mobile & Tablet HTML5 Advertising

Recent years have seen big improvements in the ‘native’ capabilities of many widely used Web browsers, often collectively referred to as HTML5 features (something of a misnomer), which have finally made it possible to replace Flash based interactive ads, and thereby avoid the need for any third party Browser plug-ins to be installed.

Interest in HTML5 ads has increased dramatically with the growth in Web enabled mobile and tablet devices, chiefly as a result of Apple’s decision not to support the Adobe Flash player in iOS, and Google’s decision to follow suit. Offering both performance and security enhancements through tighter integration with the Web browser, HTML5 ads in general, and HTML5 based mobile advertising in particular, are set to be the future of all advertising on the Web.

In-app Advertising

In addition to mobile and tablet optimised Browser based advertising, Brands and businesses also have a relatively new advertising model in the form of a burgeoning trend in ‘in-app’ advertising. As the name suggests, in-app ads are served within individual applications, and are almost uniquely associated with mobile and tablet apps. The drive to increase margins in the iOS and Android market places by “selling cheap and stacking high”, has contributed to a growing trend in free to the consumer, advertising funded apps and games. A number of advertising frameworks and tools have been created to both ease the integration of ads, and to act as an intermediary between advertisers and app developers, two of the most well known being Apple’s iAds and Google’s AdMob.

Mobile advertising spend in the UK now exceeds national newspaper print Seeing 67% growth in 1 year

Social users are nearly all Mobile as advertising moves to the small screen


of Facebook users are mobile


of Twitter users are mobile


of Instagram users are mobile


of Pinterest users are mobile


Pay Per Click Campaigns

‘Pay per click’ or PPC campaigns are simple paid advertisements which are, as the name suggests, charged by the click. Arguably the most popular provider for this kind of advertising model is Google’s Adwords.

We tend to steer clear of PPC advertising. We hold the firm belief that getting your SEO right greatly reduces the need for PPC advertising. If you’d like more information on what SEO services we can offer you check out our SEO page.

Greece – Mobile Advertising on Shazam

We have just launched our first Shazam mobile advertising campaign. It was a pleasure to work with these guys on a beautiful set…
October 9, 2014/by DGTL

Mazda Mums Website Design & Development

Mazda came to Yahoo! looking to raise awareness of the new Mazda5 with young families. Yahoo! put forward a proposal for extending…
September 8, 2014/by DGTL

Greece – Rich Media Advertising- Web Design Farnborough

An exciting project working with 'Visit Greece' in association with Yahoo! featuring; Web design, Rich media advertising design,…
September 6, 2014/by DGTL

Global Radio Media Players

A flash development project of (skin-able) media players to be used across Global Radio's network. They allow each radio station…
September 5, 2014/by DGTL

Meerkat animations for ITV – Simples – Advertising

Simples! Some wonderful Flash development content for Compare the Market (.com), one of the leading insurance comparison websites,…
September 1, 2014/by DGTL

Rich Media Advertising – Web design Farnborough, Web design Hampshire

Rich media advertising design & flash development for a Yahoo! homepage event. Lionsgate, makers of the The Hunger games, one…
August 30, 2014/by DGTL

Saw VII 3D Rich Media Advertising – Web Design Farnborough

Another great media advertising design & flash development opportunity working for our friends over at Yahoo! Unique takeover…
August 28, 2014/by DGTL

Bumps, Babies & Beyond Rich Media Advertising – Web Design Farnborough

As one of Yahoo's 'go to guys' for homepage takeovers, here's another one. Mylene Klass’s  parenthood series needed planning,…
August 27, 2014/by DGTL

Dulux Rich Media Advertising – Web Design Farnborough

Another great opportunity designing & developing a Yahoo! homepage takeover. Dulux needed an eye catching homepage event planned…
August 25, 2014/by DGTL

Comfort Rich Media Advertising

Rich media advertising design & flash development for a Yahoo! homepage event. We help promote Yahoo's Four ways to wear style…
July 10, 2014/by DGTL

Mobile advertising banners – the humble yet effective 300×50 banner

Here's just selection of mobile advertising banners we have created recently...

June 14, 2014/by DGTL

Norwich Union Rich Media Advertising

Yahoo contents calculator for Norwich Union. Who ever thought insurance could be so exciting?! From boring data entry to a playful,…
April 10, 2014/by DGTL
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