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We offer an end to end service for getting your storefront online, looking good and ready to start selling. If you’re just starting out, you might want to begin with the basics such as choosing your domain and setting up your email and hosting.

If you’ve already covered the fundamentals to getting your business online, then get in touch with our eCommerce website design experts to discuss how you can take the next step and begin to reap the benefits of the online marketplace.

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One of the best hosted eCommerce website design solutions around, Shopify is a monthly subscription based service that can get your business online and selling quickly. We can help you set up your Shopify storefront, create a custom theme that perfectly fits your brand, and even import your product inventory for you if you’re migrating from another eCommerce website design platform. We’re big fans of Shopify, and we believe that what it lacks in flexibility compared to the likes of WooCommerce or Magento, it more than makes up for in its ease of use. This is one of our favourite ecommerce website design and development solutions.

Drop us a line today to find out how we can get your business online with Shopify.


WordPress is arguably the most popular Content Management System on the Web, and we regularly build websites for our clients in this wonderfully simple but highly flexible CMS. If you already have a WordPress based website, then WooCommerce is the perfect solution for extending it with Ecommerce superpowers.

If you’re using an ‘off the shelf’ theme for your eCommerce website design, or your eCommerce website was built by another agency, we can ensure that WooCommerce integrates smoothly with your existing design and branding. And if you’re not currently using WordPress? No problem. We can build your eCommerce website from scratch, or even rebuild your existing website using WordPress and add WooCommerce at the same time.

WooCommerce already powers over a quarter of all eCommerce websites, so you know you’re in good company if you choose this plucky little WordPress plug-in.

Bespoke eCommerce website design and development

In the extremely unlikely event that neither Shopify or WooCommerce provide the functionality that you need, we can build a custom solution tailored precisely to your needs. We have worked on quite a few bespoke eCommerce website design and development projects over the years. Get in touch if you would like more details,

Want to know more?

Need help with an eCommerce website design and development project, why not get in touch? We’re happy to answer any questions you might have through our Email – Better yet, give us a call to gain a better understanding of web development.

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eCommerce Tips

Electronic commerce, more commonly known as E-commerce or eCommerce, is the buying and selling of products through an electronic medium, without the use of of paper documents. The internet is the primary medium through which eCommerce occurs.

Within eCommerce are 3 sub categories:

  • Business to business (B2B) – Think Intel
  • Business to consumer (B2C) – Think Amazon
  • Consumer to consumer (C2C) – Think eBay

eCommerce is growing year on year. In the UK, online sales account for 13% of the total UK economy. This percentage is expected to increase a further 2% by 2017. To put that in perspective, in 2013, UK shoppers spent £91bn!

To gain a share of that delicious eCommerce pie it’s important to set yourself apart from the competition. For this reason we (Dgtl) have compiled a list of tips and tricks that we find to be

Demonstrate your USP

Why should a consumer buy from you? Your company’s unique selling point can mean make or break for your sales figures. Whether you offer a unique product, trustworthy reviews, special pricing, or fast shipping, your eCommerce website needs to convey this. It’s about convincing the consumer that they should buy a product from you vs another retailer.

eCommerce Navigation

Can the consumer easily find the product they’re looking for? Depending on the type of products you offer, you will attract customers that range from knowing exactly what they’re looking for, to not having a clue. For your eCommerce website to be successful you need to cater to all.

A good place to start is a search bar that offers predictive input. For the indecisive customer, you need to present them with browsable content, a featured product page, or personalised product recommendations. Help them find related products that will make their browsing experience more enjoyable.

Security and Privacy for your eCommerce website

If your eCommerce website fails to provide users adequate security, your chance of a sale diminishes considerably. This security must be communicated to the user, feeling secure is almost as important as being secure.

Equally important is privacy. Most websites will offer a privacy statement detailing what they will do with the data they obtain from you. This could be something as simple as not passing your details on to a 3rd party, or not sending promotional material without consent.


If your eCommerce website offers a simple returns policy, or better yet, a returns policy superior to your closest competitors, thats an extra ‘tick’ in the ‘buy from you’ box. This also feeds back into the consumers feeling of security. If you reduce a customer’s perceived risk, they are more likely to buy from you.

Additional Costs – Be Transparent

Additional costs, like shipping or administration charges, need to be transparent. If a user is happy with a product and more specifically the price of that product, slapping on a host of unexpected costs just before the end of the transaction is likely to put them off. Be transparent and make the user aware of any additional costs so they know what to expect.

Additional eCommerce Store Features

These are the optional features that go above and beyond the norm to help secure a sale. Additional store features promote both flexibility and functionality, and can speak volumes about the company that is willing to go the extra mile for a customer.

Additional store features include, but are not limited to: Gift wrapping, order tracking, order history, wish lists, product recommendations – ‘Customers who purchased this product also looked at…’, loyalty schemes, gift cards, and a range of different payment methods.

Help and Support

In this day and age, proper customer service is essential. Whether it’s through: E-mail, phone, live chat, or FAQ’s, effective customer service can demonstrate the reliability of your eCommerce website. Helping potential customers in a friendly and efficient manner boosts your chance of a sale, and adds return value.

Green Message

If your business makes an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, shout about it! An eco-friendly message can influence a customer’s decision to buy.

Mobile Friendly

“29% of all UK smartphone owners have made a purchase on the mobile web”. That percentage is fast approaching a third of all smartphone owners. This also excludes the use of tablets which are another growing market. From that statistic it’s clear that your eCommerce website design needs to incorporate a mobile friendly version.

Clean URLs

Keep your eCommerce URLs simple.

Social Media

Social media platforms offer a free and effective way to interact with your target market. “72% of all internet users are active on a social media platform”. When engaging with your target market, social media has the potential to attract long term followers that can help generate profit for your eCommerce website design.

Even if you don’t intend to use social media to promote your business it’s still important to register the relevant social media handles for several reasons: To minimise the likelihood of someone impersonating you, and because somewhere down the line you may realise the benefits of social media marketing.

Fresh Content

Look at any well established eCommerce website; they all have fresh, new content. Whether it’s a blog, news feed, or addition of new products, all these things contribute to a resourceful site and promote SEO.

Create a Lasting Impression

Give the user a reason to come back, return value is massive. Followers that buy from you consistently not only make for a more healthy bank balance, they help spread your message; recommending you to friends and family.

Original Copy to Sell Products

Written copy for a product is your pitch to the consumer. Imagine you’re on Dragon’s Den, you’re going to ‘sell’ your product to the Dragons till you go blue in the face. You need to demonstrate that level of desire in your eCommerce website design. Ok, maybe not until you’re blue in the face, but demonstrate your passion toward the product.

Providing the consumer with quality written copy, that intrigues and engages them, gives you a much better chance at a sale.

Build the Right Team

We can’t stress this last point enough – When expanding your eCommerce business, get the right people on board; people that share your passion for your business and the products it sells.

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