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We help brands, big and small, increase their presence on the web through search engine optimisation. If you are looking to step up your search engine success and generate more business as a result, get in touch with us today.

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So, you’ve just had your website built but you’re nowhere to be seen in any search engine results. You have a great business but it’s almost like it’s been set up in the middle of the desert. You need your website to be seen by your target audience. That’s where SEO comes in.

SEO, short for search engine optimisation, is the means of optimising your website to rank higher in search engine results. This is done for one or more particular keyword phrases. This can lead to an increase in website visibility and lead generation.

SEO done right is a longterm strategy that looks to generate sustainable results through organic search results. This can greatly reduce, and even eliminate, the need for paid advertising.

Keyword Research

So which keyword/s are the best to optimise for? We have access to a whole host of resources that enable us to hone in on the best keywords for you. We analyse everything from monthly search volumes to the percentage difficulty in ranking for a particular keyword phrase.

We also research variations of particular keyword phrases to help identify a niche or gap in the market that we can help you take advantage of.

Search Engines

SEO is about more than just trying to rank a particular keyword in Google. While it’s true that Google commands the highest search volumes, disregarding the potential business gained from other search engines is an opportunity that’s often overlooked.

Bing and Yahoo! are two obvious choices, but what about Ecosia, the ‘green’ search engine. Also, Yandex, popular in Russia and the Middle-East. Random fact: Yandex is responsible for 64% of all search engine traffic in Russia, beating even Google.

Human Optimisation

The goal of any search engine is to return the most applicable webpage result based on a user’s search query. Search engines are increasingly returning results that are optimised for the human reader. With this in mind, a successful SEO campaign must ensure content is optimised for humans if it is to provide longterm results. We work with you to achieve this.

Is it all about Page 1?

In short, yes. We always aim to get clients into the top 3 results. The top 3 results tend to command around 60% of all search traffic. As you might have guessed the percentage of hits decreases the lower down the results page you happen to be. With each position you move up in ranking, you will attract more traffic from that particular keyword phrase. It’s worth baring in mind that less contested keywords will require less time to rank for.

What is Good SEO Practice?

A lot of things in life are ambiguous – Right and wrong are not always clear cut. This is not the case with SEO. There’s either good SEO, bad SEO, or no SEO. For some solid tips in improving yours, check out our Good SEO article.

What is Bad SEO Practice?

Bad SEO refers to anything that negatively affects your website’s search engine ranking. Often times this involves techniques that attempt to game the system. Proper SEO is about having your content seen by the right people and having your content be useful to them.

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