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Social Media

Social media is the effective social communication between friends, families, peers and businesses through an online platform, mimicking, and to a degree replacing, the social interaction experienced in everyday society.

Let’s start things off with some eye-opening facts:

  • 72% of all internet users are active on a social media platform
  • Facebook now boasts over 1.28 billion active users
  • On Twitter, 500 million tweets are sent each day
  • 20 billion+ photos have been shared over Instagram to date
  • Youtube has 100 hours of video uploaded every single minute

Those are just a selection of the most popular social media platforms. Platforms such as Google+ and LinkedIn offer equally as mind-boggling statistics. Even relatively new platforms like SnapChat and Vine attract millions of users.

With such a high volume of users that is continually on the rise, you can see why a Social Media Campaign is an essential addition to your business.

Target the Right Audience

Social media marketing has the potential to target the right audience for your business and get them talking about it. Securing a large following can happen relatively quickly, especially as it grows exponentially. Here at DGTL, we think social media marketing is one of the most effective and most affordable marketing strategies out there.

A successful social media campaign can directly generate profit for your business and attract long term, engaging followers that have the potential to spread your message.

When Social Media Goes Wrong

Like most things, if you don’t take great care in doing something, you run the risk of things ending in disaster. This is as true for small companies and big companies alike.

One particular disaster you have comes across happened back in 2012 when McDonalds launched a twitter campaign. McDonalds attempted to promote its brand through two promoted trends: #mcdstories and #meetthefarmers.

Unfortunately for Mcdonalds, a large volume of Twitter users bombarded the fast food chain with customer horror stories using the first hashtag (#mcdstories).

The paid promotion essentially resulted in a lot of bad publicity that went on to damage their brand image somewhat.

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