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User experience prototyping

The goal of prototyping is to iron out any interaction issues before we get too far into the web design and coding process. We check interactions and functionality, page layouts, navigation and tone of voice.

We always aim to identify key user tasks and goals, then create prototypes to ensure these goals are achievable.

This is a very quick way to get feedback and sense-check ideas. It takes very little time to create a paper prototype and can save hours of development time in the long run.

Information architecture

For any reputable web design company, information architecture will be at the centre of what they do. We believe content is king and that content needs to be organised well for users to benefit from. Information architecture is the structure, organising, categorising, labelling and tagging of content. There really is an art to organising and labelling content to increase usability and findability of your content.


Website wireframes are generally the first part of a web design project that we will share with the client for feedback. They are an invaluable part of the web design process and serve as the blueprint for your new website. Wireframes focus on two key areas; functionality and content.

User interface design

Great user interface design is about helping users achieve their goals with the least amount of friction. It supports the overall user experience along with typography, visual design, copy and tone of voice. It’s about being usable without drawing undue attention to itself. It needs to function well, no bells and no whistles. Clean, clear, simple, precise. Great user interfaces also need to be flexible (website localisation being a prime example) and scalable to accommodate additional features which may be added later in the product lifecycle.

Art direction

Art direction is the process of bringing your website design to life! Art direction and visual design address the look of your website. We use colours, photography, iconography and video to convey messages about your brand to your target audience. This feeds directly back in to the overall user experience of your website and combined, creates the websites look and feel. When a user hits your website you need to convey a message instantly that fits your brand. Serious, luxury, creative, cheeky or fun!

Usability testing

We need to ensure that our target users can achieve their goals as simply and effectively as possible. After investing many hours into designing a product your eyes become used to it. Usability is about getting a fresh perspective through the help of usability testers. When testers come in, we set them specific tasks, enabling us to see the product from their perspective. After testers have shared their insights some small tweaks to a product may be made. There should be no big surprises at this stage, we’ve been doing this a long time and we are a very experienced team.

Web design – What is web design?

Website design or web design encompasses a wide range of skills: User research, information architecture, user experience design, user interface design, visual design & art direction, web development, search engine optimisation and data mining. Each skill brings a unique part of the overall puzzle and together they combine to create engaging products that meet the requirements of the client and the goals of the user.

A typical web design process is as follows:

  • Research

    Possibly the most important part of any web design project. It’s important for us to really understand your business, its goals and the message conveyed by the proposed website. Then there’s understanding the users, their goals and what makes them tick.

  • Personas

    We identify target audiences and build personas around these. Your website should cater for each of the personas created and fit them well. This gives us a clear target audience(s) to design for.

  • Assets

    We create an inventory of past and present content and create a plan for any additional content required.

  • Site mapping

    The Information architecture kicks off with the creation of a site map. This shows a definitive list of modules and pages.

  • SEO

    SEO research starts from the get go. It’s good practise to put in SEO driven content from the beginning. This ensures your website has the best possible start in the search engine crowd. You can read more about our SEO services here.

  • Paper prototyping

    We don’t want to wait until something is built before we know if it works. We work with paper prototypes and iron out any tricky interactions.

  • Wireframing

    We create monotone wireframes to focus on content and layout. Art direction and visual design is considered but not implemented at this stage. Wire framing forms your websites blueprint.

  • User interface design

    Here we look in depth at all of the user interface and navigational widgets.

  • Visual design and art direction

    Visual design and art direction is about making your website shine. We take into account the message your business conveys and give that message a face.

  • Website development

    This is the coding portion of our work process. Databases and content management systems are all set up at this stage.

  • Q&A testing

    We triple check everything works correctly on all relevant devices.

  • Usability testing

    We test all our products with real users, assess the results and make changes where necessary.

  • Launch

    It’s GO time. The official launch of your new website. Monitoring starts right away. The gathered data is essential for future improvements.

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