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We create local websites and promotions for some of the biggest brands on the web. If you want to launch your product or service in a new market then get in touch for tips and advice from our website localisation experts.

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Website localisation is about much more than just translation

We supply website localisation services for businesses of all sizes wanting to expand their reach in to another country or region. We have spent the last 14 years designing, building and serving multilingual websites for some of the biggest brands on the web, including: Yahoo!, Flickr, Greece (yes, the country), Ben & Jerry’s, Swatch and many more.

During this time we have gained invaluable experience regarding the challenges faced by businesses localising a website and launching in a new market. We’re here to help you deliver a consistent user experience in every language and ensure your local products are successful.

“90% of EU internet users prefer websites in their own language” – The European Commission

Website localisation is not simply the translation of copy and text elements. Copy is just one part of the localisation puzzle. All measurements, pricing, photography and colours need to be adapted and considered to work well for your chosen target market.

We go through numerous processes to localise a website:

  1. Research of the product and the local market
  2. Translating the bulk of the product copy and interface
  3. Ensure translated and localised copy is clear and easily understood – Translations must not offend or upset any cultural icons or traditions.
  4. Translated copy reads with the same tone as the original
  5. Localising all dates, currency and measurements
  6. Photography is culturally aware
  7. Iconography is understandable
  8. Making sure all images and diagram assists are localised

Website localisation is about communicating the translated message in a clear and concise manner that empowers the local user and builds a rapport with them and the products & services offered.

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Our Website Localisation Services

  • Localisation reviews and consultation

    We review your product and local market(s) and create a website localisation plan with associated times and costs. The time spent and degree of detail depends on individual client requirements / project scope and the complexity of the target market.

  • User interface localisation

    Ideally website localisation is considered from the start of the design process although this is rarely the case. We can advise on best practices to adapt your user interface to meet the requirements of your local market. We have extensive experience localising user interfaces to cater for German (+50% length) Russian (+75% length) Chinese (-75% length) and right to left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. Some translated words can even triple in length. Take the word “skip”, placed on a navigation button to ‘skip’ an advertisement. That same word in German becomes 16 characters long!

  • Photography and iconography

    Photography is a key area for consideration in website localisation. We source new culturally aware photography and iconography that has the intended meaning for your target market. We source the correct stock photography or engage with local photographers, where necessary, to achieve the right presentation for your localised product.

  • Colour variation

    We review your colour palette and check against local traditions and customs. Take the colour red for example. It is now well known in China that red is the colour of good luck and celebration, representing vitality, happiness and a long life. Less known is that in Russia red is the colour of communism. Or, in Celtic religions red symbolises death and the afterlife.

    Good website localisation must take these important points into consideration. We eliminate the possibility of you offending any culture by drawing on our experience with colour. We can happily suggest alternative colour schemes where necessary.

    Check out this incredible info graphic for ‘Colours in Cultures’ from the talented folks over at Information is Beautiful.

  • Copy translation and localisation

    After reviewing local markets and the various project goals, we adapt any existing copy accordingly and generate new content as required. To do this we work with a translation partner that uses native speakers to make sense of and rewrite the copy in the desired language. After that, another native speaker proof reads the entire copy to ensure everything makes sense.

    Examples of mistranslation mistakes are plentiful. Take the rather amusing Parker Pen Mexico incident. Their slogan was “It won’t leak in your pocket and embarrass you”. When attempting to translate the word ‘embarrass’ into Mexican they opted for ‘embarazar’. Sadly, this translates to “To impregnate”. The new ad read: “It won’t leak in your pocket or make you pregnant”. How unfortunate. Mistakes like this cost companies money and lots of it. Ensure you get your web localisation right.

  • Date format localisation

    We ensure all date formats are localised and correct. Date formats can be tricky, especially with all the potential variations. The basic components of most calendar systems are ‘Y’ for year, ‘M’ for month and ‘D’ for day. Within each of those components are different variables. Take years for example – ‘yy’ gives you a 2 digit format whereas ‘yyyy’ gives you a 4 digit format. Then there’s the order of the basic components. In the digital world they are most commonly expressed as endianness.

    Endianness or an endian refer to the order of Y, M and D. You can have a big-endian (Y, M, D – 1989/03/18), a little-endian (D, M, Y – 18/03/1989) or a middle-endian (M, D, Y – 03/18/1989). Let’s not forget the separators for each component. You can use a slash “/”, a dot or full stop “.”, a dash or hyphen “-”, or even just a space ” “.

    Globally, different formats are preferred. So, in the United States and Belize they use the middle-endian format, whereas, the UK and most of Europe use the little-endian format. Then look at the Philippines and Saudi Arabia, both use the little-endian and middle-endian formats.

    Other variables to bare in mind are whether zeros are added or displayed (18/03/1989 vs 18/3/1989) and if you want the month spelled (18th March 1989).  All of these variables are considered when we take on a website Localisation job.

  • Localised site messaging

    We will highlight areas for location aware content and advice on implementation techniques for localised website messages. This applies in particular to international sites that cover a range of languages. For instance, the English version of a site might say “free shipping in the UK”, whereas the Spanish version of a site would have to offer that free shipping in Spain. The country name has to be dynamic based on the location users are viewing from. Good website localisation must take this into account.

  • Pricing – localising currency and payment methods

    We will ensure all pricing is localised and advise on trending payment methods in your chosen market. It’s not just a about the currently symbol when localising your website pricing. You also need to consider the local economy, reach, volumes and infrastructure. Methods of payment are often overlooked, especially extra charges that can apply when converting from different currencies. Proper research in this area is key to good website localisation.

  • Multilingual website development for localised websites

    We can advise on adapting your current website infrastructure or migrating you to a more manageable platform. Either way we have the skills and experience to take care of your website localisation development or advise your existing team on how to achieve a seamless transition in to a new market.

Outsider Fashion Ecommerce Website Development & Localisation

Outsider fashion - website localisation

We are currently working on a website localisation project for ethical fashion brand Outsider Fashion. We will be helping launch a new ecommerce website for the French market very soon.

David Beckham Interview Website Development & Localisation

David Beckham interview - Website localisation

A huge campaign – The world interviews David Beckham, via Yahoo. Their biggest interview ever – It doesn’t get any bigger than Becks! The website we developed features twitter integration, website localisation and global delivery. The interview had to be localised to 19 countries and the whole thing go live within 2 weeks.

Billa voucher purchase – responsive – website localisation

Web Design in Farnborough

BILLA Voucher is an innovative online service that allows for fast and convenient sending of funds to Bulgaria in the form of a voucher, with which the recipient can shop at all BILLA stores within the country. We were tasked with creating a responsive website design focused around quality user experience and website localisation for English and Bulgarian.

Greece – Rich Media Advertising – website design and localisation

Greece - Rich Media Advertising - website localisation

An exciting project working with ‘Visit Greece’ in association with Yahoo! featuring; Web design, Rich media advertising design, Flash development, Bespoke Tumblr theme and website localisation.

Square Clock – Website design, development and localisation

Working with SquareClock and French software company to design , develop and work their website localisation for the UK and French markets.

Website localisation projects

Outsider Fashion eCommerce website design and development

Outsider Fashion - A sustainable, luxurious, organic, ethically made womenswear collection. Developing this website was great fun…
September 11, 2014/by DGTL

Billa voucher purchase – responsive web design from Farnborough

BILLA Voucher is an innovative online service that allows for fast and convenient sending of funds to Bulgaria in the form of…
September 11, 2014/by DGTL

David Beckham Interview Website Development & Localisation

A huge campaign - The world interviews David Beckham, via Yahoo. Their biggest interview ever - It doesn't get any bigger than…
September 7, 2014/by DGTL

Greece – Rich Media Advertising- Web Design Farnborough

An exciting project working with 'Visit Greece' in association with Yahoo! featuring; Web design, Rich media advertising design,…
September 6, 2014/by DGTL

The forecast is beautiful – advertising

Localised banner advertisement collaborating with Yahoo! Weather. Promotion for their brand new weather app, which is excellent!…
December 16, 2013/by DGTL

The weather is beautiful… EMEA ad campaign for Yahoo! Weather app.

Localised banner advertisement for Yahoo! Weather promoting the EMEA ad campaign . Beautiful assets to work with, I think you’ll…
May 30, 2013/by DGTL

Beautiful flickr assets being localised in Farnborough, Hampshire

Great to be working with the beautiful Flickr assets on another Yahoo! campaign, helping promote the all new Flickr iPhone app.…
May 4, 2013/by DGTL

Cyprus Tourist Organisation – Advertising

December 8, 2012/by DGTL

Square Clock – Website design & development

February 6, 2011/by DGTL

Once – Website design

December 13, 2010/by DGTL

Website development for Ron

December 10, 2010/by DGTL

Ben & Jerry’s website takeover developed in Farnborough, Hampshire

The Dgtl team here in Farnborough, Hampshire have just launch another website for Yahoo! France - This time is all about ice crea…
April 14, 2010/by DGTL

Website localisation insights

A global internet info graphic


Web to hit 3 Billion global internet users very soon.


Global b2c ecommerce sales to reach $1.5 trillion in 2014


Global smartphone users will reach 1.75 Billion in 2014


Over the next 5 years 700 million more asians will start using the internet


India’s eCommerce market will grow by 70 per cent in 2015


India has 100 million internet users. This is only 10% of the population.


China has 485 million internet users. This is only 1/3 of the population.


97% of the of households in South Korea can connect to the internet

Internet users by language









Fastest growing languages on the internet

Did you know we have an experienced website localisation team ready to help with right to left languages?







Top countries driving internet growth









Website localisation key questions

What is website localisation?

Website localisation includes the translation of the copy and the alteration of a website’s graphic imagery to be culturally aware for a specified target market. This includes localisation of, copy, photography, iconography, colours, currency, dates and measurements.

Do you use a website localisation tool for localisation?

We always use at least two native speakers for every project. One to generate your culturally aware content and another to proof read and ensure your website localisation is right for the target market.

Do you source localised photography and imagery?

Yes, we review all photography and iconography when working on a website localisation project. We will source new imagery where necessary and supply them to the client for review before product launch.

Do I have to pay for a quote?

All our website localisation quotes are free. We pride ourselves on giving great advice to those requiring website localisation services.

How long will my website localisation project take?

We work with our clients to plan an appropriate deadline. The time we need depends on the complexity of the project. We aim to get most clients website localisation projects live within a month.

Why not just use a translation company?

There is so much more to consider than just translating copy. We ensure your products communicate effectively in the desired language (s). Translation companies are often ill-equipped to deal with localisation of images and other media related content.We pride ourselves on our user experience – A great user experience is at the heart of any great product; helping users achieve their goals regardless of their native language.

How long have you been localising websites?

Our founder has been localising websites for Yahoo since the turn of the millennium. Since forming Dgtl we have continued localising microsites and promotions since 2005.

Have a website localisation question that’s not listed?

Ask us and we will update our list

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